Kim, Sang-Tae, Chairman & CEO
 Ret. AF General
 Former Chief of Staff, the Republic of Korea Air Force
   Former Korean Ambassador to the Republic of China

Park, Song-Kuk, President
 Ret. AF Lt. General
 Former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, MND
   Former Chief of KHP Program Management Office, MND

Chang, Jinh-Hwa, Vice President
 Ret. AF Colonel
 Former Chief Manager of KT-1/T-50 Project, APG, ROKAF HQs
 Former Director of T&E Division, JCS, MND.

Song, Eung-Soo, Director - Business Dev./ Projects Management
 Served ROKAF as Quality Inspector
   Served Korea Development Corp. as Manger - Foreign Projects
 Served Korea Civil Aviation Association as Director, International Relations

Kim, Ho-Koon, Marketing Director
 Graduated Colombia University, USA with MBA in MIS
 In charge of Special Projects

Kim, Ho-Sung, Marketing Manager
 Currently Serving as Representative of ATC's USA Liaison Office
    Exploration of New Projects,  Coordination Between ATC & its US Business 
         Partners, etc.