Dear Sirs,

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Korea Institute of Aerospace Strategics-Study (KIASS). Korea Institute of Aerospace Strategics - Study (KIASS) was established back in 1992 as a research and development consulting institute to help the military services, national defense agencies and any other clients interested in the subject area to formulate aerospace strategies and policy guidance. KIASS collects information and intelligence data, not only for worldwide political and military development but also for the latest aerospace, weapon and support system technologies, from all available and potential sources of data including domestic and international, industries, research institutes, military services, civilian security agencies and any other sources related to the national security and worldwide aerospace strategies. KIASS runs quarterly meetings with high ranking defense officials and representatives of Korea industries to identify overall defense, industrial and technological trends in potential problem areas in the political and strategic situations. The information and data thus collected are carefully analyzed for the use in the formulation of strategies and policies as required by the staffs and analysts of KIASS, which are composed of many former senior military officers of all branches of services and civilian experts, including former chiefs of staffs of the Republic of Korea Air Force, retired general officers, professors, analysts and engineers with high academic degrees and rich experiences. The versatility and resourcefulness of KIASS in the information access and data, along with its accurate analysis and sound judgement expertise play very important role for the fame it has earned during the relatively short period of time since its foundation. Advanced Technologies Corporation (ATC) was established as a business corporation to transform the strategic and policy requirement defined by KIASS into physical assets in Korea and any other area of the world as and when required. Please feel free to contact us at KIASS, should you take interest in seeking ways of collaborating with us in the field of defense strategics study, particularly aerospace strategics study Sincerely yours,

Kim, Sang Tae
General, the Republic of Korea Air Force (Ret’d)
President, Korea Institute of Aerospace Strategics-Study