Advanced Technologies Corporation (ATC) is a Seoul-based business organization specializing in dealing with weapons and defense commodities on its own business or a sales representative or a consultant of the international defense industries.

Founded in 1992 by Mr. Kim, Sang-Tae, retired General, former Chief of Staff, the Republic of Korea Air Force, ATC has actively represented many leading

international manufacturers and a wide variety of products and weapon systems including aircraft, missiles, air traffic control radars, avionics, undersea warfare systems, etc., for marketing the products and their follow-on supports to the military services in Korea. Mr. Kim, CEO of ATC also dedicates himself to the Korea Institute of Aerospace Strategics-Study (KIASS), a prestigious research and consulting foundation in the defense field of the Republic of Korea, which also was established by him in 1992.

ATC is particularly proud of its long and beneficial relationship and cooperation with its international partners for winning contracts for many important projects for the defense of the Republic of Korea, not to mention their overall logistic supports. Without the highly qualified and dedicated staff members of ATC, this has not been made possible.

The merits and advantage of ATC are:
■ Most staff members have professional experience and knowledge in flying, aircraft characteristics, weapon systems logistics support, etc essentially required for successful marketing activities: establishment of business objectives, easy access to both decision-making and working levels of potential customers, support for establishment of customer requirements, etc.

■ The co-chairmanship of General Kim of both ATC and KIASS, with his good career background and his high level of management philosophy provide for a sound basis for creating good consensus among public and military members.

■ The Board members, directors, advisory members and research members of KIASS exercise much influence over the customers for timely, adequate and rational selection and acquisition of defense products for the better defense of the Republic of Korea.

■ The high level of qualification of ATC personnel in collection and evaluation of relevant data, competitors' information, etc makes it possible to take a correct approach to the full accomplishment of business objectives.

ATC keeps its close eyes on every phase of strategic development in Korea to identify material, product and equipment requirements for the timely introduction of them into Korea inventory. On the other hand, ATC watches every progress in the worldwide hardware and software developments related to the aerospace and naval weapons and their support systems for possible introduction of them into Korea.

Though ATC started as an agent, offering and trading corporation for aerospace-related weapon and support systems and materials, its sphere of business operation is rapidly expanding to cover all industrial and commercial products.

ATC operates its Liaison Office in the United States and France to widen its information access and expedite its process into the think-tank of ATC and KIASS.

The wide range of specialties on the staff of ATC and integration of its operation with KIASS provide a very strong foothold on which it can timely identify and supply every possible type of material, parts, equipment and systems on demand, particularly for both Korean Air Force and Navy.

Currently ATC has contracts and/or agreements with major companies of the United States, France, Australia, and Republic of China, etc and also many new projects are being studied between ATC and its foreign business partners.

Based on our experience and expertise accumulated over the last decade, we are faithfully standing by at all times for your call to closely work together with you in pursuit of common benefits. Please feel free to contact us at ATC, should you need any assistance from us.