Ever since its foundation in 1992, ATC has been devotedly and diligently working closely together with a number of its foreign partners - defense industries - in order to support the R.O.K. military services.

To state in the concrete, ATC has rendered its services as a sales agent, a sales representative, or a consultant to its principals. They include Lockeed Martin in the USA; Reims Aviation Industries in France; Rockland Aerospace in Canada, etc. On the other hand, ATC has helped the R.O.K. Army, Navy and Air Force to have access to valuable information on sophisticated and modernized foreign weapon systems and to decide to pick up many of them as their weapon systems.

To example the most highlights of ATC services, the ROKAF has selected Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd's AGM-142 as their most dependable stand-off air-to-ground missile and also Lockheed Martin's IRST/LANTIRN/Tiger Eyes/Sniper ATP as vital armament systems for their F-15K and KF-16 Fleet. Sniper ATP is regarded as a key player of Network Centric Warfare, a modern warfare concept.

ATC has played a major role to help Reims Aviation Industries in France to deliver F-406, Caravan -II fleet to ROK Navy.

Over the years, ATC has also been sincerely involved in repair and maintenance activities of the military services on Basic Ordering Agreements or on A.O.G. contracts. Among the clients ATC is working together for these activities are Lockheed Martin in USA, Air Asia in Taiwan, Reims Aviation in France, etc.

ATC remains on a firm commitment to contributing to the peace-keeping of its mother land and the rest of the world by exercising common efforts with its clients.